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To challenge and be challenged

Aeonvista Ltd

Who are we?:
 is an ICT Consultancy. Created in 2007 by Neill Wilkinson, the Aeonvista name tries to capture the inspiration for both the company and the individual talents which make up Aeonvista.


Aeon- from the Plato view of "eternal world of ideas", which Plato conceived was "behind the real-world", and of course the more traditional meaning of a long period of time . Vista- means "view" or "distant view". These two taken together represent:


  • "The thinking behind the View" and
  • "The long and the broad View"
  • "The world of ideas behind the view"


Behind these meanings is a passion and commitment for learning and delivery of knowledge and solutions.

What we do:

We take the nuts and bolts of technologies and put them together to form strategic solutions that meet the needs of the large and the small organisations. We use the best in class technology thinking to inform our customers of the choices they have to meet their needs.


Our mission statement is: "To challenge and be challenged, to educate and be educated". This mission is realised through the projects we work on from hosted contact centres and data centre designs for companies like Sensee using the latest tecniques in virtualisation and networking from VMWare to SBCs. And through our close association with the technologies and standards that make up information communcations networks, Aeonvista is also associated with Standards bodies and training organisations, such as Wraycastle,  to ensure our knowledge is at the leading edge and to be able to deliver and spread that knowledge to our customers.

What can we do for your business?:
No project it too small or too large. Aeonvista has been responsible for delivering large pieces of work over many months, deliving value and expertise to a number of organisation from The Met Police, designing and building secure infrastructures and Public Service Network connectivity; to Vodafone for the IMS implementation in the UK and Europe, delivering a Quality of Experience (QoE) solution from a mix technolgies from Telchemy and Palladion (from Acme Packet);  to News International providing systems architecture and design expertise for the Sunday Time Digital Content product and Tablet applications based on the Woodwing and Adobe DPS suite of solutions.

Aeonvista can also bring together cost effective Open Source solutions such as Linux,  Asterisk,FreeswitchKamailio and sipXecs to build custom telephony solutions. Aeonvista has built a number of IP-PBX installations for our smaller customer's to meet their need for custom telephony solutions including using a mix of Open and COTS technologies such as Apstel Visual Dialplan and integration server to augment Asterisk.

In association with Wraycastle Aeonvista teaches a number of courses, ranging from IP Engineering overviews, through MPLS technologies and practical labs, through to SIP Trunking, VoIP and IMS architectures. Aeonvista both delivers and writes courses for Wraycastle.

What's happening with Aeonvista?:
You can find out more by checking out our Blog: aeonvista.blogspot.co.uk, and checking the LinkedIn page for Neill Wilkinson for a full picture of what Neill is up to at the moment.

Contact Us:
UK: +44 118 321 7095, leave message if we're not picking up and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Or if you prefer to email us: sales@aeonvista.co.uk